Now, if you want to scale your business to the next level, answer this:

Do You Want To easily 100x your profit with an exclusive “Evergreen Webinar System”

That Positions You As An Authority, Closes High-Ticket Deals And Brings You More Freedom And Quality Time With Your Family?

This is no joke… One of my mentors, Jason Fladlien, has made more than 8 figures using nothing but webinars!

He broke the record of affiliate marketing and, in just 7 days, generated $9,894,008 in sales - with nothing but a webinar.

Recently, he did a 3 hour, in-depth training at a private and exclusive event, about…
How to immediately create the ideal passive income stream by setting up Evergreen webinar in just a couple of hours.
People at this event paid $10,000 annually in order to get access to this insider information.

Because what was shared at this private event has NEVER been shared anywhere else!

Such as …
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake most people make when doing webinars that kills all the conversion rate
  • The key difference between video sales letter and Evergreen webinar and how you boost your webinar rate just by doing ___________
  • Why most Evergreen webinars don't convert well and how to fix them with a simple trick
  • Understand how to identify “buyer questions” or “ non buyer questions” and how to handle them 
However, as one of his VIP students , I got a special opportunity to send you a private invitation to listen in on every single secret shared at this exclusive event… 

That’s why I’m introducing you to…Evergreen Webinar Secrets 
This is a 3 hour, in depth training on everything you need to know about creating highly profitable Evergreen webinars
By the time you finish this training, you’ll feel more confident and have a more clear idea about how to make your Evergreen webinar work.
Here's what you're going to discover:
  • The 4 most effective ways to close prospects and sell more of your products and services
  • An important psychological difference between LIVE webinars and EVERGREEN webinars
  • The 3 biggest problems with Evergreen webinars (and the 4 solutions to each problem)
  • The ultimate Evergreen webinar: A 4-step blueprint for creating the ideal Evergreen webinar
  • How to get higher webinar registration rates, higher webinar show rates and higher webinar sales rates
  • And more!
Sounds almost too good to be true,

doesn't it?

Well, it's not. Unless you learn these secrets, you could spend years or decades and still never convert ONE person from your webinar.

Usually, these secrets are only enjoyed by those fortunate enough to have a personal mentor… or desperate enough to steal them.

In fact, I personally paid more than $25,000 to learn things like that.

Today, you get your hands on them - following capture in all their glory - for a steal.

You don’t have to pay $25,000, nor $10,000. Not even $997 to get access to this insider information.

All it takes is one single payment of $197 

And what’s even better,

 if you sign up for this program today, you will also get the following 3 exclusive bonuses:

Bonus1: Exclusive training from Jason about how to handle objection ($297 Value)

In this intensive 3 hour training, you will discover the top secrets of million dollar closers. 

You will discover 4 universal objections and how to eliminate them before they even exist

You will discover how to change your prospect’s belief without being salesy or pushy

By understanding these secrets, you not only can get more sales, but also become a better communicator in your life,

so that you will have a better relationship with your children, friends and family.

You will be surprised how easy it is to handle objections and feel more confident on your next webinar

Bonus 2 - Plugin and play Evergreen webinar funnel ($297 value)

And what is even better, you will get access to my plugin and play Evergreen webinar funnel template, which you can easily setup with only a few clicks 

You will also get my step-by-step video training on how to setup your own Evergreen webinar in less than 30 minutes,

so that you can focus your time on things that matter

You will feel relaxed and stop worrying about technical things knowing that everything is being taken good care of by the system.

Bonus 3- Fill-in blank million dollar webinar scripts and slides ($997 value)

And here is the best part 

You’ll get my fill-in the blank million dollar webinar script along with slides that you can use to create your winning webinar in an afternoon

This 32-pages script will show you exactly what to say in each slide and how to say it

If you hire someone to write a script like this for you, it will cost you thousands of dollars.

But right now you get the same exact script for free

So that you can invest your money for your family or yourself.

You will feel proud about knowing you can craft a high converting webinar effortlessly with these slides
So here is what you are getting:
You're getting immediate access to Evergreen webinars secrets, which lays bare each secret. 

Alone with all the amazing bonuses

This is the closest you'll ever get to "Instant Instruction" — where you're told what to do, and then you go and do it — correctly — the first time! Just 27 minutes is all it takes to realize what you've been doing wrong — and instantly correct it.

You don't even need to completely understand it…

But once you see it, what caused your failure with webinars all becomes ridiculously obvious (yet it's near impossible to figure out on your own).
This is so simple, you're gonna kick yourself for not having figured it out on your own.

But don't feel bad. Often, the simplest answers are the toughest to find… because we tend to look at things being so mysterious, they must be COMPLEX, too.
So What’s the Catch?
You may wonder why I'm giving this away for practically nothing… No, it's not another "because I want to help you" plea. Frankly, in most cases, that's complete BS. 

I'm making the price so low for a more sinister reason - I can no longer stand to see so much wrong information being taught and sold out there. I have the real secrets. I can teach them to you quickly and easily. And it's high time the word gets out.

That's why you can get it for just $97 if you act right away.
But here's the thing…

I'm a bit nervously "blowing the lid" off these bogus practices so many people teach.

This is the first time I've gone public with this… and I know a lot of coaches/trainers/gurus/etc. won't like what I have to say… so, I'm testing this out on the hush-hush… meaning…

I'm offering this discreetly at $197, just for the next few days.

You won't see this all over Facebook, YouTube or anything like that. I'm making you this deal because I know if it reaches you, you're someone like me, who knows the power of putting the right webinar in front of the right person.

I don't want to draw too much attention from the higher-ups. That's why, after a few days, I'm increasing the price to $497.
See It Risk Free
Sign up for Evergreen webinars secrets and watch it, try it yourself and take up to 30 days to build your own evergreen webinar. 

If you decide this isn't for you, no problem. Just shoot me a quick email at, and you'll receive a prompt refund of every penny of your purchase.

No questions asked, no hassle. We'll still be friends. I completely trust your judgement.

Take advantage of this now. There's no risk - so you've literally got nothing to lose.
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